SYS04 Product Family Details import problems

I have rebuilt each module associated with sys04 multiple times, have changed the Region codes in the Excel file (as suggested by Vera), have added formulas in the rows for Code and Region, but something is wrong with Country. It keeps giving me the message shown. What have I done incorrectly?





  • @MPW280 

    Formulas look good, so there might be a problem with the lists. Here is SYS04 and a few shots of how the lists should look.




    Grid View of the locations. Make sure you don't have orphans.



  • Has the G3 parent been set up correctly by referencing the G2 list?

    The PARENT(ITEM()) formula is correct but the error would suggest it is returning itself and therefore the parent relationship is incorrect!

    Check that the G3 list has been allocated G2 as its parent as I suspect you have allocated other items in the G3 list as the parent items.

  • I rebuilt the line items and the module and managed to get the correct configuration. It took a few attempts but in the end it came out right.