Level 1 Import settings for Modules and Lists?

Level 1 Import settings for Modules and Lists?

Is there someplace that shows what you need to have in each section for importing to lists and modules so I can attempt it several times and then find where I am wrong by checking what is right? 

I feel I am wasting an inordinate amount of my learning time trying to figure out by brute force, checking for people who have gotten help in Community and rebuilding everything from ground up several times. I realize some could cheat but it would show up in tests. 

The time and frustration I am getting from having to do things multiple times and still coming up wrong is not helping me progress in my learning.






  • @MPW280 

    Hang in there. Perfectly normal to feel challenged with imports and mapping, it happens to us all. One thing that helped me to think about import mapping is this. Anaplan needs to only know two things when it comes to mapping.

    • Where in the import file are the lists, including time?
    • Where in the import file are the values for the line items?

    For the most part, import files are columnar, meaning each of the columns represents a list value or they may represent the different line items. That's why we almost always choose column headers for the line items. Every now and then we get a file where the list items are the column headers, like with the time hierarchy. In that case, we have to assign all the values (fixed) to one line item.

    Practice is the key. You got this!

  • I went back for about the 5th time and reloaded everything fresh and this time it worked on the first run through. The frustration of doing it so many times is making me cranky I guess.

  • @MPW280 


    Just created a video for you and see if this helps






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