Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module



I'm trying to import  the DAT03 Historic Volumes module save view Export  

but I'm getting a lot of ignore items and Failed items 







    Super close on the mapping. Anaplan asks two questions when it comes to mapping. Where are the lists (including time) and where are the line items. You identified all the lists correctly but the line items are not fixed to one line item. In this case all the line items are in the first column "Line Item". Remap using the first column for line items you should be good to go!

  • Yes got your point  

    even though some data are Ignored is it ok to proceed to next step ? 



  • Yes @ARSHADMD you can proceed but technically you shouldn't be getting the ignores. What that means is that your saved view in the data hub contains the summary levels, most likely the time hierarchy. To be super accurate in real life, you'll want to avoid the ignores so you don't engage Anaplan's logging. Slows things down with really big data sets. You can use filters to remove the summaries. Just keep in mind the filters should be consolidated as much as possible (i.e., you don't want 3 filters when you can do it with 1).