Inv01 Level 2 Safety Stock Target


I'm stuck and can't figure out why I am not getting data in the Safety Stock Target Line Item in the INV01 Inventory Ordering module.  This is what I have for source data:  



This is what I have in the INV01 Formula and summary settings


And here is my result (lack of data):



Must be something simple, any ideas? 


  • @VHoward 

    Oh, so close! You really want the HALFYEAR value not the weekly value. While this example is not very realistic, the authors of LVL2 needed to keep it simple. So our safety stock target comes from a Half Year alue from DAT04.

    HALFYEARVALUE('DAT04 Distribution Center Parameters'.Weekly Safety Stock)

    Make sure DAT04 is dimensioned as Half Year, not weeks.