Create Build Location Saved View & Create Import Distribution Center Details Saved V



When I work on the above activity and create the saved view I accidentally saved or overwrite to the default view and now all columns of data gone.  How can I restore the original data?  Please help.


  • @ShirleyV 

    No worries. You create the default view you want through the pivot option and save as default. so instead of "SAVE AS", use "SAVE"



  • Hi Jared, Thanks for you reply!  My problem is the original data from the model is gone and I cannot further proceed of the activity.  How can I restore the original data or I shall copy the model and start a new one?

  • @ShirleyV 

    Sorry. Didn't look at your images. Right mouse click on the grid and select "Show All".

  • Hi, it is not working.  it cannot right click and no option to restore to original data with all columns.

  • @ShirleyV 

    Try using the menu: "Format" then "Show All". I also noticed you have a filter on. You can reset that too by clicking on the filter icon and clicking "clear all"

    Dont forget to save as your default.

  • Thank you!