OnePlan and Anaplan integration


Have anyone had experience integrating OnePlan (OnePlan Strategic Portfolio Management Software) with Anaplan? I haven't use OnePlan yet, but my client is evaluating it to do their portfolio and project management and there could be use cases in Anaplan that would require some information to flow between the two products.


I don't foresee a problem with integration, but wanted to check in case there is any experience with this specific combination.


Any help/comment would be appreciated.


  • @eduardobarredo 

    I've never worked with OnePlan before but it seems as though the OnePlan integration is all native. Couldn't verify that they have an API. I'm also not seeing a native integration to Anaplan so if these are both true then you're going to have to use an intermediary data source like a data lake or data mart where OnePlan can drop off its data. From there it's easy to automate the integration into Anaplan. As for getting data back to OnePlan, I assume you'll have use the same strategy. The only downside to using a data lake is that it adds one extra step to the automation process and can be a bit concerning if you need real time access. The upside, however, is that the data is reusable and you don't have to rely on fancy exports from Anaplan which would presumably come from the data hub.

    To be honest, this is a good topic for your customer's Anaplan business partner. They have access to everyone on the Anaplan team and can probably give you some good advice, and if you're lucky, point you to someone that's actually using OnePlan and Anaplan together.