Level 2 - Sprint 2 - Import DAT03 Historic Volumes module


I referred the community thread to understand my doubt while running the process. I am not able to figure it out. Attached are the screenshots . 2022-10-04 (2).png2022-10-04 (3).png2022-10-04 (4).png2022-10-04 (5).png



  • @Yogitha 

    As i can see, Your data hub and supply chain model is not connected properly so this error arrived. 

    So it's ok no worries, still you can achieve those things  

    So you need to follow some steps:- 


    In Your Supply Chain Model, Go to actions and your 9.1 action is not imported properly.

    so for that reason  what you need to do is, 

    1. Remove 9.1 action from process and then delete the 9.1 action

    2. As you can see the 9.1 action is imported into historic volume of your supply chain, Go to that module and import  then connect to anaplan, select your data hub module and then select the saved view historic volume export. then map properly and the last tab of import map manually with shipping time then ok.

    3. Go to the Actions and Rename the last recent action as 9.1 import historic volume  then add in the process as 9.1 (new one) , 9.2 and 9.3

    4. Check the 9.2 and 9.3 action as well. If you are facing any error follow the same process for importing from data hub to supply chain process. Then add those actions into. Process. 

    5. Now Run the process you'll not get any error and process will complete successfully. 



    If still have any doubt and error let me know.


    Hope it'll helpful for you, if you get helpful with my answer accept my answer as Solution.



    Jagadish Dash