3.3.5 Activity: Create Inventory Ordering



My data don't match in Beginning Inventory and Forecast Demand as per the outcome in Check Work.


Can somebody help me to fix this issue?


Please find the attachment.




  • @Shitanshu 

    Your beginning inventory formula looks great. Grats on that! But, your forecast demand appears to be off. Looks like you've grabbed the baseline forecast or the initial demand. Try the final forecast instead. That should help. Also make sure any testing of the override? is turned off too.




  • @JaredDolich  Thanks for the quick response.

    As you can see my Beginning Inventory has remained the same at 13000 in all weeks and I used Final Forecasting also I turned off the 'Override?' as you said.


    Still have the same issue, couldn't find the reason.

    Please find the attachment.


  • @Shitanshu 

    Everything checks out as far as formulas go, so we might have an issue with the loadable data. Let's check DEM01 and make sure your growth rates are loaded. If they are, then make sure they are passed correctly to DEM02.





  • @JaredDolich 

    These are also loaded correctly.🤔

    Screenshot (633).png

    Screenshot (634).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    Check DEM03 again. Do your numbers match mine? 

  • @JaredDolich  It does not match Initial Demand and Final Forecast. Can you please help me to fix it? That would be appreciable.

    Screenshot (635).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    Well, the good news is that we found the issue! Now we just need to fix it. Looks like your growth rate and your final forecast are off. Let's take a look at your growth rate formula. Let's start with growth rate. Also, make sure DEM02 is weekly and at P1 Product Family.



  • @JaredDolich  The formula is correct and setup as weekly however Initial demand and Final forecast don't match also when I select All account the growth rate turns like 150%. I realized one thing that when I select the summary as Average in Growth rate it turns to noraml rate(In regards to 150%)

    Screenshot (637).png

    Screenshot (636).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    Good catch. Check all your summary methods and formulas in DEM03. Let's get you to the finish line!



  • @Shitanshu 

    Also, your initial demand should be rounded. If these numbers all match up then we're all set. 



  • @JaredDolich  I fixed the Summary part but Initial Demand and Final Forecast still don't match. I am sorry I am taking so much of your time.">😐

    Screenshot (638).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    Try rounding UP not DOWN. That should help. Check my screenshot for all the formulas and make sure yours match mine. We're almost there!

  • @JaredDolich Fixed the summary part as you mentioned but Initial Demand and Final Forecast still don't match. I am sorry I am taking so much of your time.

    Screenshot (638).png

  • @JaredDolich Forecast demand was finally fixed 😊 by Rounding UP but one more thing is still not matching: Beginning Inventory, which shows 13,000 in all weeks. Can you please help me with this?

    Screenshot (639).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    Hoo hoo! We're getting really close now. All that's left is to fix your SYS01 module. Make sure your formulas look like the following, especially "first Week of timescale?". Instead of manually checking the first week, use this formula instead. Make sure your calendar begins Week 1 FY20




  • @JaredDolich  I am almost there just one more step I guess. I am missing SYS00 Time setting by Monthly, I don't have a Planning Period Filter.🤔 Can you please share?

    Screenshot (640).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    You'll add that line item later when you build the UX pages. But you can certainly add it now if you like. It's an editable field, so no formula.



  • @JaredDolich Thank you so much for your time and help. 😊

  • @Shitanshu 

    Great job @Shitanshu you did it! It looks like you gave yourself credit for the solution. If you wouldn't mind picking one of the answers that solved your problem as "solved" that will help others with the same challenge.

  • @JaredDolich All Credit goes to you 🎯. It wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you once again.

  • @Shitanshu 

    Thank you. If you would "accept as solution" on any of the answers that you felt helped, I would appreciate it.