Search max count of List items


Hi, I tried to use search function.

List has more than 100 items.


Can we search only match 100items?

Customer - Supplier List which has properties as CustomerA are more than 100 items, 

so We could not find Supplier100 ~.







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    Not sure I understand what your query is. 


    You could search on any word/letter or number from the list items but you can not use search on properties or list formatted line items. For that you will have to go to each list and use search option or go to list formatted line items and apply filter




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    I don't recall such limitations while searching. I had bigger lists like list items with more than 50k+ numbers and it worked properly. 

    I am not clear, what's your end goal here. If you want to search "CustomerA-Supplier101" type "101". It will show all the results and in case you want to see that how many Supplier are there for CustomerA, you can create a SYS module and then you can use Rank function on one line item which give output "1" if the column has "CustomerA" in it. This can also solve your problem. 

    The solution depends upon the necessity and kind of your problem.