3.4.4 Activity: Create Stock Exceptions Review UX Page


Hi All, good evening,

I am doing the activity but did not get what we are asked for.



First, what is a stock exception count? How to add it on an user page?
And, is there any faster way to have the context selectors than sync diff charts or tables ?


Thank you in advance for your help



Arthur Robbe



  • In stock exception module., you need to these activities:

    •   in the ux page, the context selector will be Region, time and product family so means you need to put these line items/dimension in page by pivoting. 


    • Then arrange the stock exception count by region  and make sure that time dimension will be year half year and monthly visible. (Region will be in page selector while pivoting) 
    • Stock exception count by product family with time as monthly and yearly not half year. (Product family will be in page selector while pivoting) 
    • Same for the sku level. 
    • Then apply the conditional formatting greater than zero. 


    @ArthurRobbe Start building the UX page you'll get it and follow these steps.. You'll achieve it.  Any clarification and and doubt reach me. 


    Hope it helps for you.



  • Good Morning @jagadishdash,


    Thank you for your answer, but i still have troubles with this activity.


    First thing is that we don't have module called "stock exception",

    From there, I have no idea from where to start.


    Only thing that could near from what i am looking for is a line Item in module " INV01 inventory ordering" called "Safety Stock Exception Count"




    Thank you in advance for your answer



  • @ArthurRobbe 

    Check INV02 country summary, safety stock flag count  where both region as well as product family is there. 

    From there you can get the safety stock exception. And you can see that InV02, safety stock flag count formula summed from INV01. 


    So as you told. You got the module and line item from above. And continue the steps for UX as mentiomed  in learning and by me above. 



    Hope it clear for you. If not you can reach with your doubt. 



    Jagadish Dash

  • Thank you once more


    I think I got it, but when formatting, I have all the Stock Exception count greater than zero. So there should be a mistake somewhere before, but nervermind




  • @ArthurRobbe That depends on INV01 stock exception and check your selector as Region and Product Family. You can share screenshot if you still any problem.


    Great! If my posted solution worked, can you mark it as the solution to this question?



  • HarshitaBharathkumar

    I am not able to take the SKU Safety count. Product family dimension does not allows SKU units. Can anyone help me understand where have I gone wrong?

  • HarshitaBharathkumar

    If we take P3 products dimension should it work?