Add DCA to INV01 Inventory Ordering


Can you anyone help me on this issue? some how in Shipping cost, I get output like 0.2949 and that doesn't match with check work.


Please find the attachments; Check Work, Data in Shipping in Cost, and Formula.

Screenshot (676).png

Screenshot (677).png

Screenshot (678).png


Thank you.


  • @Shitanshu 

    Super close. Don't forget you need to divide your Final Shipping Amount by 1000 since that number from TRA01 is Cost per thousand. Here's one way you can create the formula.

    Final Shipment Amount / 1000 * 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Cost per 1000 Units'[LOOKUP: Shipping Method, LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product]

    Also make sure your TRA01 values are correct from DATA02. You should be grabbing the values from DAT02.




  • @JaredDolich  I made a terrible mistake, I put that formula in Final Shipment Amount instead of Shipping Cost. Can you please help me to fix for Final shippment amount as well.


    Thank you.

  • @Shitanshu 

    Final Shipping Amount = IF NOT Override Shipping Method? OR ISBLANK(Override Method) THEN Shipping Method ELSE Override Method

  • @JaredDolich  I am sorry it was Final Shipping Cost where I put wrong formula. Please don't mind if you can help me on Final Shipping cost.

  • @Shitanshu 

    Yep, send me what you have and I'll point you in the right direction.

  • @JaredDolich 

    Please find the attachment.


    Thank you.

    Screenshot (680).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    Looks good! If you're still getting the wrong value then we need to go upstream to find out the issue but your formula looks right. Check TRA01 and by extension, DAT02. Make sure you're using the YEARVALUE.

  • @JaredDolich I tried the Formula which you mentioned to apply in Shipping Time Week 

    YEARVALUE('DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)') and I got an error.
    Please find the attachment
    .Screenshot (681).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    Is DAT02 dimensioned by YEAR? And, do you have the right lists?




  • @JaredDolich  Yes, its same. Earlier I was using this formula 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Week)'[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product, LOOKUP: Shipping Method] for shipping time week

    Screenshot (682).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    I think we might be confusing each other. That formula is for TRA01.

    Shipping Time (week) = YEARVALUE('DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)')

    DAT02 looks good!

  • @JaredDolich Then Why I am getting output in after decimals like 0.2949.🤔 My most whole went in it to figure out.

    Screenshot (677).png

  • @Shitanshu 

    INV01 is without a doubt the most difficult module you will ever build in any of the certifications, so hang in there. You'll get this. And, to be honest, this type of debugging is pretty typical in real life. Let's just start at the beginning of this conversation. We need to work the formulas backwards, step by step, to find out where things are going wrong.

    • We know INV01 formula is correct so we have to go look at each of the components of the formula
      • Final Shipping amount (which is in INV01). Your number looks good there. Check.
      • Cost per 1000 Units (That's in TRA01). Check that out. For Road and Nutzo bar that should be 65. Is that what yours is? 
    • Off to Cost per 1000 Units in DAT02. For Road, FY20, Nutzo Bar the value should be 65. What does yours say?

    Somewhere in this line we have a difference. See if any of these suggestions help. We'll get this!

  • @JaredDolich  Hi Checked out both TRA01 and Data02 Shipping Metrics, They have discrepancies. Can you please tell which source I should use to pull the correct data. 

    Screenshot (686).png

    Screenshot (687).png




  • @JaredDolich I just Imported data again in Data02 Shipping Metrics from Data Hub same Module and it pulled nicely just couple of dollors off and I think that's fine but my shipping cost still off. 

    Screenshot (688).png