Best place for Image Storage


Since Anaplan allows accessing images using external links. What's the best place to store your images. I have been storing on this website called "Wikimedia" but the links have begun to become invalid.



  • @skjain 

    Ideally, the best place is on a shared folder that is secured internally. Sharepoint, Google Drive, and even AWS all work too. I know some people use imgur but just like wikimedia there is a time limit. For most customers, they have a website that contains directories that can be accessed publicly as well. This is a terrific way to expose images that aren't sensitive. 

    Check out @anikdas how to article. He really deserves a pat on the back. Great post.


  • @JaredDolich nailed it.  I don't think there is one best place but rather it's likely a question of what is available while also being secure. 


    We use Confluence to host our images which is part of the Atlassian development management suite (JIRA) as it is accessible to everyone in our internal company and we can own the content and retention cycles.  This was the best option for us as we were already using Confluence as the repository for our Anaplan CoE documentation.

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    I agree with @JaredDolich@Tiffany.Rice 

    There is no perfect place to store images, there are pros and cons while hosting in both public and private workspaces. If your images are not confidential, I would suggest using Imgur as the loading speed is pretty great and you don't go through internal approvals for the same.


     Otherwise, if you are hosting in your private space, that link should be accessed by everyone in the Anaplan ecosystem and the browser should support the same security protocols. I have seen companies using this for confidential data.


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