Import Data into DAT04 module


Hi guys,
I'm trying to import the data , my mapping is also correct but for some reason its being ignored as you can see in the screenshot attached , can somebody help me with this , on why is it being ignored and what can I do to get it properly imported




  • @Yash06 


    There is a subsidiary view in your line item meaning there is a mismatch in the dimension of module and default line item.


    Go to blueprint mode of your module - check TIMESCALE and APPLIES TO section of this line item and make it same to the module. In APPLIES TO section it should be "-" and in TIMESCALE it should be Half Years,


    That should work



    Miz Logix

  • Hi Misbah,
    Thank you for the solution, It worked
  • Despite changing the timescale to Half year The problem still persists