TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets



I am having trouble getting my TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets check to reflect "1" for each country/product family/quarter intersection:



compared to correct result:


Am I on the right track with the PY Country and Product Family Sales line item and underlying Baseline Financial Forecast line item?



I believe the data has slightly changed from posts in past years.


Thank you


  • @CommunityMember88750 


    I believe it has to match with the pictures given in the assignments. 



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  • @Misbah 

    My TAR01 Sales Targets and DAT02 PY Revenue to CY modules do match:



    Are you able to share guidance on my results for the TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets module (particularly PY Country and Product Family Sales)? There isn't a final view in the training to compare to.


    Thank you


  • Hi,


    Yes, the data has changed from earlier versions to the current version. Please try to match your data with what is given in your level 3. 


    You are on the right path based on the images, please continue with your level 3, and all the best.  


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  • @CommunityMember88750 

    Honestly speaking your data in first two lines is off by a little bit but that might be due to the change in the source data. I say you should go ahead, it looks like you calculations are clean




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  • @Misbah @Badam 


    Thanks for your responses. 

    In the next steps in the training, my Initial Account Sales Target doesn't match the given example. So I believe there is an error with my PY Country and Product Family Sales line item.

    Given example for Initial Account Sales Targets:


    My results for Initial Account Sales Target:


    Since my Baseline Financial Forecast module is correct, I have been looking into my SYS03 line items/A2 Account>Product# list. 



    A2 Account>Product# list:


    Have I overcomplicated things by using "Text of Display Name" to get P2 Product into SYS03?

    I can delete this if I've shown too much detail.


  • @CommunityMember88750 


    I will look into it but please delete screenshots from here and send them over via private message .

    It is too much disclosure.




  • Thanks @Misbah. I've deleted the screenshots here and sent to you in a private message.

  • I'm having the same issue. Was this conceptually resolved?