3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page




Can anyone please explain how to add Conditional Formatting in UX Page. I saw other post regarding where it says that need to add another line items. If I add then what would be in Minimum and Maximum (Ending Inventory and Confirmed Purchase Order Receipts)?

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  • @Shitanshu 


    Yes, you will have to create another line item where you will be writing IF ELSE statement and the output of that line will be 1 or 0. 

    Once that is done, then you come to formatting window and under "Line items to format" option pick the line where you want to apply the conditional formatting and "Based on the values from" should be the new line that you just created. 

    Min should be 0 and Max 1. Pick the color options for each value and apply it.

    Make sure to save it because anaplan doesn't auto save conditional formatting.


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix

  • @Misbah  Thanks for helping. Now, I got it.