Level 2 - Sprint 2 - Activity: Create a User Experience Page

Below I am attaching my UX page. Can anybody let me know if it is right and the values pertaining to the selectors are right?


If any more additions required, Do let me know.




  • @Yogitha ,

    Everything in your UX page looks perfect and accurate as per requirements.

    Just do some rearranging of UX:

    • In 1st grid, edit  and off the context selector H1FY20 and sync with selection time.
    • And make charts bigger (combination type)  and that baseline forecast card you can adjust with first grid.  (Note: This 2nd point as per better visualization, No such rules)


    Hope it helps for you.





  • Are the values right?
  • Yes, Right.

  • laxmitater
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    can anyone help?

  • laxmitater
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  • why it is showing weeks?