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Hello Community,

I have read the documentation of Anaplan to learn how to achieve export actions.

Firstly, I have remarked that it is recommended to set the ChunkCount to -1 rather than set the exact count, but i didn't find the reason or the explication for this recommendation.

Secondly, if i choose to set ChunkCount to -1, I have to execute an upload complete action by setting ChunkCount to 1 after carrying out all chunks.

My Questions :

1-Why is setting chunkcount to -1 recommended rather than the exact count ?

2-In the case that I have chosen to send the exact ChunkCount instead of -1, should I use a complete action after exporting all chunks ?


Thank you for your help in advance,

I am a beginner in the anaplan field.

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  • @OAK 


    The chunksize parameter allows you to configure the upload chunk size parameter between 1 and 50MB to accommodate large file uploads.  


    As far as I know you can not have negative chunk size. I am not sure if there are any recommendations to keep it to 1 or -1 , you can tailor it as per your needs provided you stay between 1 and 50 limit


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix

  • OAK


    Thank you for your answer.


    My question is more about the chunk count than the chunk size. The number I should send to the server to precise how many chunks I will upload.


    Concerning size, I will definitely respect the range of data size.

  • @OAK 


    I never knew there was an option for partial upload. Honestly I am not sure


    Until now I always believed that once an import is initiated you will get all or none (chunk size might vary).


    May I know where did you see the info about Chunk counts?

  • @OAK 


    Great! Let me see if i can bring more help for you here @rob_marshall do you have anyone who is expert in Anaplan Connect.

  • OAK

    @Misbah @rob_marshall 

    Thank You for your answers 

    So i will set it to -1.

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  • Hi @OAK,


    For smaller files, you can set the chunk count as -1. If your files exceed 50MB, there is a greater chance that file upload may fail in between because of connection loss or other reasons. So then you are going to re-upload the entire file to the Anaplan server.


    This problem can be avoided with the chunk count setting, the entire file will be divided into n files and through this, your API will communicate to the Anaplan server. Even if it fails in between the next upload is going to happen from that chunk. 


    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital

  • OAK



    To avoid sending large files and losing connection, I will divide my data into chunks.


    But, the fact of setting chunkcount to -1 does not mean that I am telling the server to expect one chunk.



  • As @rob_marshall and @Misbah , was mentioning this is about API development. I believe anaplan has developed -1 as the default for one time file upload. 


    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital

  • Thank You for your answers