MailTo Formula Adding %'s to Emails


I'm trying to create an email list to send out to our end users. i used the TextList function to pull in all emails from a line item in a separate module. i have tried using both Commas and Semi Colons as separators. This line item is formatted as Text General.




The emails seems to populate ok in this line item. (i have blocked out some names)




Then in my mailto line item, formatted as text email, it adds lots of %'s and numbers into the email addresses. Formula below as i made line items for every part of the formula.




here are the emails that it's generating (i have covered names again and highlighted the %'s and numbers in yellow:




does anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix?








  • Might be a simple question but: does the link work? The %40 is the HTML encoding for "@". It is valid HTML, and the link should work. This doesn't seem like an Anaplan issue.


    Some more info on the syntax for mailto links in HTML:


    By the way, I believe the email separator needs to be a comma, not a semi-colon.

  • Thanks for the info on HTML. I have switched the separator to be a comma. 


    The link also doesn't work. when i click it the screen flashes like a pop up is coming but then nothing pops out. 

    here's all the line items and formula again: 






  • Hi @kmillet ,


    Please ensure the following things:

    1. Format of the submit line item is email

    2. In To or CC or BCC, email ids should be separated with a semicolons (;)


    I have done some PoC for the same it is working.


    If you are still having doubts, please let us know.


    Thanks & Regards

    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital

  • I tried to replicate on my end. For me, commas work, but semi-colons do not. As @Badam mentioned, make sure you have the line item format for the MAILTO set to Text/Email. I know you mentioned in your original post that you do, but worth double checking.




    I've set up my example the same way you have, and the encoded values do also show up in output. The link still works.




    Based on all the info you've provided, I suspect this is actually an issue with your computer and how mailto links work within your browser. For example, you may not have a default email client configured properly on your machine or your browser. For further testing, I would suggest: a) test from a completely different machine and browser (if allowed by your company); and b) testing that mailto links from other websites are functioning properly.


    It seems like you've configured everything correctly in Anaplan.