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I am trying to import from a module in a model which has weeks as a numbered list, into a module in a model which has weeks as its timescale.   I cannot get the import to recognise the dates from the source module, and assign to periods in the target module.    Is this possible?

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  • ryan_kohn
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    1. Make sure you are not using the NAME() function to get the code. The NAME() function for a numbered list returns the #ID.

    2. If you've updated the import source and it's still not showing the right fields, make sure you have updated the saved view to include your new field. If it still doesn't show, try deleting and re-creating the import.


  • @danieldridan 

    Try using the CODE of the Week and convert it to a TEXT format that Anaplan will recognize as a WEEK in the calendar OR convert the CODE to TEXT that looks like a DATE that is within the week. Create a saved view with this line item and use it to map to the calendarized week module. Will work.

    • Convert CODE to Week | Week [#] FY[YY] | Week 1 FY22
    • Covert CODE to TEXT as a Date | 1/31/2022
  • Perhaps I did not explain the problem correctly. 

    Importing from Model 1, to Model 2.


    Model 1. 

    Timescale = Months

    Source Module uses a Numbered List (week) for time.

    Line item = volume (number format)


    Model 2.

    Timescale = Weeks

    Target Module has Time as a dimension.  

    Line item = volume (number format)


    I need to map the values in the 'volume' line item from the module in Model 1, to the module in Model 2.   

    The import just sees the numbered list value (e.g. #1, #2 etc) in the Weeks, and does not know how to map it to the time periods. 

    I created a line item in the source module, which displays the week list code as text.  That didn't work. The import still does not recognise this.  


  • @danieldridan 


    It depends how are the weeks in your source module named as. Assuming they are named as WEEK 1 FYXX. You could perform this import in such a way that  In your source module create a line item which refers the display name of your numbered list. Use this line item to map with the target module


    By the way, this week list should not be a numbered list because you wouldn't be having repetitive weeks in the same list.



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  • @danieldridan 

    As far as I can understand the problem, I think you need to create one line item which is text formatted and shows values exactly as the display names of the numbered list (weeks). 

    In mapping, use this newly created text formatted line item and map volume to the volume. If needed you can specify the week format also while importing.

    I think it should work if I understood the problem correctly.





  • Great tip!  This is what I was doing wrong.  Couldn't work out why the proposed solutions would not work!   


    The extra line item converted to TEXT (not using the 'NAME' function) and mapping to that line item did work. 


    Ended up using the below formula to convert the date format of the time period to convert it to TEXT.  




  • Nice work @danieldridan! As an additional tip: since that formula involves text and text concatentations, you should put that in a System module dimensioned only by the time period. This will minimize the impact of those heavy calculations.