Cloudworks internal user not showing in source model




At one of our customers, I created an import from one model to another which should run through Cloudworks. Both models are in the same workspace. Source and target model have a Cost Center list with selective access. The modules in both models concerning the import use this list.


In the target model, the "Internal (Full Access)" user shows up and I have mapped it to WRITE. Yet, on the source side the user doesn't show. Hence I can't map it. Anapedia doesn't provide a proper answer why it doesn't show. Respectively I hope someone of the community can help:

- When is this user created? Does it require an inbound process through Cloudworks to come up in the model?

- Is it needed on the source side? I would guess yes... otherwise I would consider it a breach of access.

- Is this a bug that should be reported to Anaplan support? 


...and because it is at a customer, I can't test the Cloudworks process myself. However, I created a little replica in our partner workspace. There the internal user shows up even in the source model. 


Resources I looked at:

Best Answer

  • PhilippErkinger

    Got a reply from Anaplan support.

    - The internal user should appear in the source model once the process runs successfully for the first time. Just creating the Cloudworks process seems to be not enough.

    - Mapping can only be done afterwards.


    I asked them to update Anapedia with this information.