Dimension Reorder affects any view or Actions


Hi Everyone,


I Need to implement planual in which I need to reorder some Line items applies to Lists(dimensions).

I want to make sure that this reordering of Dimension should not cause any issues in View(Custom or saved) and Actions.

Please Note I am not adding or deleting dimensions in modules just reordering dimensions.


Can this cause some Data Loss ?, View Change and Action Change.


I tried some scenario in dummy project in which changing orders did not affect any thing.


Can someone share their thoughts please.  



  • @AnujTiwari 


    If you are just reordering the lists, you will not lose data.  For more information about this, please visit this article:





  • Hi @rob_marshall 


    Thanks for confirming I have seen that articles that helps.


    I have 2 more questions that this reordering will not affect any Saved View or custom view on pages and also will not cause any existing actions failure. 

  • @AnujTiwari 


    Reordering the default view of the module doesn't impact saved views, it only changes the layout of your module in the backend. For actions if default view was used (which is not what planual recommends) then yes you will have to check the import action and verify the mappings are not messed up. 




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