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I have an input module that's dimensioned by Users, there are input fields for Start Month and End Month that the user selects to drive a calendar filter.  I'm having a problem where users are making inputs and it is changing the fields for somebody else.  In other words, User A is on the dashboard changing the Start Month input field, and I am watching in the module that those inputs are being changed for User B who is not in the system. Any ideas what could cause that or how I can force it to only change for the user making the inputs? I don't have anywhere that a user could click on or select another Users name that should change it. I'm trying to avoid showing the context selector of all user names and making them validate they're on their own.    Thanks!



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    That's weird. Could you show us how have you created the filters? I mean the filter line that is driving the module.

     In gist - Input module should be dimensioned by Users

    Filter module should be dimensioned by Users and the the dimension that is supposed to  be filtered




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  • Hi @Misbah . The filter isn't actually the problem, the filter logic is working as intended. I have an input module dimensioned by users and a calendar module dimensioned by users & time; the user inputs start and end period in the input module and the calendar module checks if the period is included. That part all works great.


    The problem is that when a user enters the inputs in the input module (via a new UX dashboard), the input is being entered to the wrong user ID and then the calendar module is calculating the filter to the wrong user, which is what I can't figure out.  Also on the dashboard is a data table that uses the user calendar module as a time filter, and that part does seem to know the correct user as the filter does not change when the input is assigned to the wrong user.


    In other words -

    User A enters their start/end period in the input module via dashboard

    The data entered by User A is input as if they were User B

    The calendar module calculates the filter bool for User B based on User A's inputs

    The dashboard grid using the calendar module as a filter continues to references the correct user (User A's inputs changed the dashboard filter for User B, but not their own).

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    Better log a ticket with support. Input swaps can be data integrity issues - please update this thread once you have the resolution



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