Hiding subtotal lines


Hi, Where two lists are prepared in a hierarchy structure, is it possible to hide the parent's subtotal line in a module? For example, where the two lists of product category and products are prepared (screenshot_1.png), I want to get the results without product category subtotal lines in the module whch calculates sales amount by products. (I want to get the result of screenshot_3.png, NOT screenshot_2.png.) Is it possible in anaplan? Regards, Maki Yasuda



  • Hi Maki

    If you right click on the categories in the module (the list itself) you can choose to select the levels that you wish to see. If you unselect your Product_Category_L1 box this will hide the subtotals.

    If you still need to see which L1 category each L2 category is in but in the same row (as in your 3rd screenshot) you could add a line item using a formula such as: 
    Hope that helps?
  • Hi,
    and it's available in dashboard too.

    Good practice will be
    1°) to create saved view if this is a reccuring need and the view has to be published on a dashboard
    2°) to train end user to use this very usefull feature.

    Kind regards.
  • Hi Kirsty and Michel,

    Thank you for your kind advice.
    Especially, it is very helpful for me that I can select the levels to be shown in the right click menu.
    BTW, is it possible to locate L1 category on the left side of L2 category (on the gray-colored area, not as a line item) in the same row? 
    If possible, that's more helpful for me.

    Thanks and regards,
    Maki Yasuda
  • Hi Maki

    I'm pretty sure that you can't do that. 

    Couple of options you could do (none quite what you are asking for really)
    • Hide the grey bar entirely (change the column width to 6pts), then Use two line items to show the L1 and L2 categories in the right order.
    • Use a numbered list - this would allow you to generate the display name based on the parent something like: (NAME(PARENT(ITEM('#Products L2'))) & ":    " & 'L2 Name')
    • Use a page selector or synchronised modules on a dashboard so the user has to select the L1 list item that they want to see the L2 detail for product sales
  • Hi Kirsty,

    Thank you for giving me some options.
    For the case I'm currently working on, using a numbered list seems to come close to what I want to do.

    Maki Yasuda