Error at SYS03 Country Details



While importing into the general list G2 country, i might have done some mistake while importing countries.csv due to whcih country code was not imported. now i am at the stage of creating modules(SYS03 Country Details ). Here country codes were not shown. so, now i realized. How can i import code only to the g2 country list. it is asking for name also.





  • Hi, 

    if you have the Country list CSV. file try importing again and try mapping it again as per the attached screenshot I have attached below.

    Hope this solve will solve your problem. Later on you can create SYS03 Module by referencing country list. 


    Screenshot (26).png

  • can i do import again with out deleting earlier data. can't there be data duplication
  • Yes you can do the import again.

    nothing to worry about data duplication.