Data Upload in Module


Hi Team, I need the below requirement.

Ex:- If I already uploaded data from a CSV file for any month in the module and if we try to again import data for the same month we can't upload.

Is it possible in ANAPLAN?


  • @kishan1616 

    If i understood your problem in correct, you're trying to import the data again and the new imported data will replace the previous or not?..

    There's no issues. you can again import data whatever you need to replace or add it'll replace with the previous data. That's why it's dynamic. (Need the same column structured data). 

  • When users try to import data again that they already imported for a particular month, they can't import. I want to show some error messages on the dashboard like "Data is already uploaded, u can't upload for this month again" or something like that error message.
  • @kishan1616 


    I believe Anaplan might have listened to you and people like you - we are getting a new functionality by the end of this month where you can block the action from the end user if some sort of flag is turned off. 


    You can design it in such a way that if end user has run the action once for that month that flag is turned off and action is greyed out and will not be run again. 


    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix