Import Shipping Expenses into OTH01 Module


I have been trying to import for the shipping cost line item in OTH01 Non Employee Expenses Module and still getting code error. 

Help me in figuring out what is wrong?IMport View.pngEXport View.pngCode Error.png


  • If you get to the point where you took your first screenshot and switch to the OTH01 .... Line Items mapping tab have you checked to see whether all of the columns are mapped?  To avoid errors, if you are leaving a column unmapped, it needs to be set to "Ignored"

  • @Csta 

    You are importing INV05 saved view into F&PA. So in that saved view only shipping cost line item need to show Code will be hide. Save the saved view as this. Then Import from saved view Then it'll import fine.


    Hope it helps for you.



    Jagadish Dash