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I have created an export from a saved view and saved the export definition with a default file type of Everyone. However, when I include the action on the UX page Action card the user gets a blank file. When I recheck the action the default file type has reverted to Private which I assume is causing the blank file for the user. Does anyone know what would be causing this? 


I have redone the export action to ensure I definitely saved as everyone and this still happens. 



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  • Misbah
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    First of all that Default file options to "Private", "Admins", or "Everyone" has nothing to do with the export that the end user is running from the UX. It is something for WS admins and APIs.

    To answer your question there could be two possible scenarios

    1. Security access has not been applied as @ymugeni  suggested. You can check the person's role (person who is running the action from UX) in User section. Go to next tab in Users Section, Roles->Actions and see if the boolean is checked for that action corresponding to that role

    2. There is an option within the export which says "Hide Empty Rows" if this box is checked and your module does not have any data, then the file will be exported as a blank file.



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  • Did you check the user's security settings to make sure that the user has access to that action?

  • I did thank you - they are all good!