How to keep Data in a Version "Locked" when Source Data Changes


Hello, I have an interesting challenge I am trying to solve.


  • We have 4 Forecast versions.
  • Version Forecast (3+9) means that the forecast has 3 months of Actuals and 9 months of forecasted data.
  • Actuals data is loaded from a source system.



The Challenge:

How can we ensure that all data in the Forecast (3+9) remains locked when actuals data from the source system changes. So when we load the latest data into Anaplan, Actuals will change but data in Forecast (3+9) will not change.

Potential Solution:

I've created a new Temp (3+9) version so we can Bulk Copy Forecast (3+9) data into Temp (3+9) before the data is loaded. The idea is that we can then Bulk Copy from Temp (3+9) back to Forecast (3+9) after new actuals is loaded. The challenge with this is that it looks like we need to have the same switchover date in Temp (3+9) for the data in Temp to match the Forecast (3+9). We were hoping that we could then load the data into Forecast (3+9) with no switchover date, so this has been a road block.

Is this on the right track to solve this issue? Would you have any advice or other solutions?


Thank you!






  • Hi,

    Using native versions that does seem to be tricky - how did you sort that from october?

    Is/Was it out of question creating specific modules with custom version lists for archiving and/or maybe revisiting the entire model to switch for custom versions?

  • Also unless the prior periods are changing then your forecast won't change which is the point of switchover.