Importing module into list without time summary

Hi All,


I need to import several modules which have Time as one of the dimensions into a list. 


I'm able to save views with hierarchies removed from all dimensions except Time.  When I import this has the impact of creating errors (duplicate lines which are not copied over).  Not a massive issue but I would like to be able to remove the year summaries (the modules deal with Time over several years) so that my imports are clean and any duplicates highlighted are genuine duplicates and not year summaries.


I'm sure this is an easy fix but I'm struggling to find an answer on community posts.



Best Answer

  • Hi,


    If you just need to remove the summaries there's a few options. You can turn off the time summaries within the module blueprint if you select the summary option and set 'Time Summary' to None. Alternatively, you can create a saved view for your import that filters out the summary time levels using a boolean flag on another line item.


    Unless you mean completely removing time as a dimension, then you can use the TIMESUM formula, but doing this on list data that isn't the same through all years will cause data loss.


    Hope this helps.