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My end result is not matching with the one showed in the activity (Reorder flag, Shipping time weeks), the others are probably right, but please check and let me know.

Below are the snapshots attached regarding the query.

Can anybody just go through this and let me know what's the error exactly.




2022-10-20 (2).png2022-10-20.png2022-10-20 (1).png





  • @Yogitha 

    Shipping Time weeks formula will be : 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Week)'[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product, LOOKUP: Shipping Method]

    As you can see it comes from TRA01 module, So check the TRA01 shipping metrics by weeks data is correct or not.

    Whenever you'll be facing issues, just go to the back and try to see what's wrong.

    If you find all good and still this problem share the snap of TRA01 module. 

    As per the shipping method and SKU details you'll be see 2 in shipping time weeks for Road shipping method.


    Hope it helps,




    Jagadish dash

  • 2022-10-20 (5).png

  • @Yogitha 

    You didn't write the formula for  TRA01 module's line item  while doing the lesson.

    Go through the same module lesson you need to add the formula there.

    Hint:- DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Shipping Time (Weeks) which is in the year formatted and TRA01 module is in week formatted. you need to convert the data from year to week in the TRA01 module. then all will work fine.


    Go through in the lesson this module and i gave pure hint as well. Try to do it. If facing any problem let me know.


    Hope it helps 



  • Hey thanks for the guidance and tip, I went back and reviewed the source. I did not give formulas in that module , made the changes and it is correct now. 

    Thank You.