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Hi People,

I want to import transactional data into the model from excel csv file.

I formed a numbered list, where I am importing this csv file, identifying the unique key by using a combination of properties, but there are other columns that are not forming part of the combination. (basically, those are values/number formatted columns). In this way, I am forced to import the values columns also in the list properties.

Question: Therefore, If I try to go by PLANUAL way, Is there a way by which I do not import values column in list properties, but rather in Module Lineitems?


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  • AdamCookson



    I think I see the issue you're running into. What you need is something that correctly ties your data together. There are a few ways to achieve this. The quickest would be to import all properties into the list and then reference them out to a module:




    These would then be more visible and easier to reference for other modules.


    A more robust solution would be to create a UID that ties your data together. However, you would need to have this within your data source. For example, with a UID your import to the list would look like this:


    You can then use this code to import to the module:


    If you're able to make changes to the source data I would definitely recommend using some form of unique ID to tie your data together within Anaplan.


    Hope this helps



  • Hi,


    You'd normally achieve this by having two separate import actions. One to load your unique ID into the numbered list then another to load the same data into an attribute module that you've setup to accept the other properties. Then you can tie both of these actions together in a single process.


    Hope this helps.


  • Hi @AdamCookson 

    As per your solution, How would I map the dimension in a module through an import file?

    Let's take an example:


    If I load this into a numbered list, my unique key would be column SKU & Country using a combination of properties.

    How can I load column Volume & Sales Amount directly in a module lineitem instead of list property ?

  • Thanks @AdamCookson for the solution

    But I was also thinking anyother way, where user would not need to create key in the source file.