How to automate the mapping of the Import data to the current version?Current Version is Dynamic.


Hi Everyone

I have a module dimensioned by 2 lists, where one of the lists is Versions #.
The versions # list is not the default one that is present in Anaplan, but it is created by us according to our requirements.

The end user will select the current version from the list of items available in the Versions # list.

Now I need to import data into this module. My requirement is whenever I import the data, the data should go into the current version. And the current version keeps changing. Because of this I cannot map the versions # using "Fixed Item in List" option.
There is another option called "Ask at the time of Import". But I am trying to find out whether there is a way to setup the import action such that end user should not need to select the current version at the time of import.
Could anyone help me to tackle above problem?





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  • andrewtye
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    There is an alternative option where you have two actions in a process.

    1. Load the data into a non-versioned module

    2. Then import that data into the versioned module but have a line item in module one that says what the current version is - assume that there's a property module which identifies this


    Otherwise do like @Misbah says - just use "Ask at the time of Import" unless of course the user tends not to know what the current version is.