Picklist of months: line item formatted as month



I have a line item formatted as Time then Month. The picklist only displays the individual months and not the total FY. Is there a trick to show the total FY too? I'm trying to avoid creating a list with the months and total FY. 



  • @michael.chefer 

    As per my understanding the problem, In Time period(month) formatted line item you can only select the months of your model time setting.  and for FY you need to select the format Time Period(Year) It'll only show the FY's of your model time setting.



    Jagadish Dash

  • @michael.chefer 

    Can't do it in single line. However if you are ok to this not - so - clean solution, here it is.


    Create a dummy Time which has all the months and years

    Create two lines, one for Month and one for years and use FINDITEM on these two lines. These two lines will be used for downstream calculations.



    You will still run into aggregation issues as you will not be able to aggregate months and years separately. 



    Miz Logix


  • @michael.chefer 


    No, there cannot be any trick to show, because of default settings. only way out is by using custom list.