Combinining list members from 2 different lists


Hi everyone, 

Is it possible to combine list members from 2 different already available lists in Anaplan? If you know how, please let me know.

I attached explanation picture:

As an example, I want to create a list called "Master List" that will get data from Customer Service Manager and Sales Manager lists. List members are below each list in the picture below.


Screenshot 2022-10-25 183917.png



  • @ymugeni 

    Yes, If my understanding of your problem is correct to achieve master list from two different list as shown in the pic.

    (Then you can easily import from list to list  by  import connect to anaplan and map with the List1 item and import again import action for List2 map the name with List2 item. Then you can put both import into a process for one time run.)


    To Process this list member in dynamic best practice to create a module and then import both the list member from the module into Master list. Add 2 import and put into it process. then it'll add both the list member into one list.


    I can achieve in this way, Any other idea or suggestion glad to know. 



    Jagadish Dash

  • Try using & it might help

  • Hi @ymugeni 


    Firstly, let us know what kind of list you want to combine? is it a flat list or composite list or any other list. 


    What is the behavior of list Normal list or numbered list.


    Just taking granular levels will not help unless it is a flat list.



  • The two lists I am combining are two flat numbered lists. 

  • @ymugeni 


    if you have 2 system modules for those 2 lists then use them to do the import into 1 list(Master List) or else create 2 new system module and bring the display name into the those system module and then do the import into list, as it is coming from 2 modules, 2 import actions are created keep them into 1 process.


    Please note that dont do the list to list import anytime, it is against planual.



  • Right @ManjunathKN. Importing from a module gives us more flexibility than importing directly from a list. 

    @ymugeni , make the Master List a numbered list and import display names into this list from other two list as @ManjunathKN has explained.