Multiple Model Builders changing Actuals Through Switchover

Hi everyone - 


We have a large team of builders and one of the most used modules is pulling Actuals Through from the Lookup Reference module. It can be frustrating when Actuals Through Switchover dates keep changing due to people working on different things. 


Has anyone found a workaround or have a suggestion for best practices when working with a large team of builders? For example, separate actuals through switchovers for each person? Or an app page that has actuals through switch over but doesn't impact the related module? Thanks for any insight!




  • Hi @brigette 


    It is not possible to have different switchovers to different people for same version. Can you give some insights on how the actuals date change for different team, ideally, it should be only same across all places. 


    If some teams are forecasting on different time periods then, you should use different versions for facilitating different switchover. Custom versioning with System module which acts like switchover will be some options here. 



  • Thanks for the insight. During quarter end, we use the P&L modules for reporting purposes (actuals through a quarter end date) and use it for creating a new forecast (actuals through current date). The P&L module is not tied to actuals through for the specific version, it is a separate line item in the lookup reference so we can show the rolling forecast as actuals come in. 


    We thought about creating a duplicate module just for reporting purposes and having the actuals tie to the version. However, the module is very large, so we wanted to see if there are other alternatives before taking this route. 

  • @brigette 


    Okay! So if you want to create a new forecast basis on current date actuals , which is actually derived from your quarter end actuals. 


    I believe 2 custom versions should suffice(I dont prefer native versioning for this) And I think you have to do lookup only for current date actuals based forecast (to keep it rolling) and quarter end actuals should be formula based on your current date actuals(previous(quarter)).


    Let me know if this helps in anyway.