Conditional Boolean: True if an item in Source Module belongs to an intersection in another module


Hi Community! 


I would like to create a boolean that is TRUE when an item with List format in the source module A currently has an "active intersection" in another module B.


So for example, I have a list of Accounts. These accounts have a correspondent Activity related to it (specified in the module B).


I also have a published process (NUX) that updates the Accounts List. Therefore, when the User updates the list items, the dropdown in Module B changes accordingly (also published). The thing is, I don't want that process to eliminate nor change those Accounts currently belonging to an Activity. So I thought of creating this boolean that is TRUE when an Account has an "intersection" with this Activity line item in Module B (I called it "Active Account?")

Then I thought of creating a Saved View to then import to the Accounts List conditional on this boolean...


Is this approach correct? Is it possible? 

The request basically is: Is it possible to retain data if currently used?


Thanks in advance! I'm new to Anaplan so appreciate your insight. 


  • @CarAmbrosano 

    Can you use FINDITEM?

  • Hi @CarAmbrosano 

    First let me explain my understanding of your problem:- 

    • One List - Account
    • One module dimensioned by another list which has one line item as Account List formatted
    • You have one process in your app which updates Account List, means it adds new list items to this list so the dropdown shows new Accounts after the process runs.
    • You want to create another module dimensioned by Accounts where you want one boolean to be true if the corresponding account is selected in one of the dropdown in the other module, right?

    Confirm if I understand your problem correctly or correct me if I missed some points. I'll write the solution after I am sure about description of the problem.


    - Shubham