Will the Action work fine after renaming the list involved?


Has anyone faced this issues? 


I have a list named "List A" and Source module "X" and "Y".


Process followed:

1. I created an action "AC01" to import data from "X" to "Y" in Dev model.

2. Synced this action to test model.

3. If I run "AC01", it works fine.

4. Later remaned "List A" to "List B" in Dev model and sycned to Test Model.

5. Now, when I run "AC01" in Test model. It shows Actions succusefull but nothing gets updated. 



I deleted the "AC01" action and created new action and synced with Test model and now the action runs fine. 


Is it cuz of renaming the list, the action did not work correctly?

Has anyone faced this issues or similar kind. 

Correct me if I am wrong. or help me with better solution if available to this issue. 


  • @saiteja 

    No, renaming a list or module should not break the action. However it does not auto populate the new list's name in Source Label or Source Object of Imports. You will have to go to Import Data Source and use Edit button to get it updated.


    To answer your question, No it should not break the action



    Miz Logix

  • Hi,
    I have seen the issue earlier with changing line item names and the mapping does not update on its own. but have not seen the issue with changing the list name
    did you check and see if the mapping got updated by clicking on the edit action button? 

  • Hi Misbah,
    Thanks for the reply. The source remains same as we are importing data from same module "A". Only thing is list name is changed. So the issue remains the same still.
  • Hi Sachin,
    Thanks for the reply.

    Line items mapping is there as you said.
    If the list name is changed after creating action, in mapping we can see a new item added to mapping. we can ignore that in the action but still there are no items getting updated when we run the action.

  • @saiteja 


    As I said it should not break anything. Could you share the screenshot of your mapping before and after the change.

    Screenshot of mapping before you change the name of a list

    Screenshot of mapping after you change the name of a list




    Miz Logix

  • Hi @saiteja 

    Try updating the source object in Import data sources if it isn't showing the new name of the list.