Dashboard that Toggles between Time




Advice on how to allow a UX toggle for to show financial data based on Months, Quarters, and Years?


My thought process was to create a Months, Quarter, Year boolean and then UX equivalents that IF True would only show that data. 


E.g. A boolean titled Months would be exposed to the user that IF TRUE would Trigger a filter on the backend to only show that data aggregated by months.



  • There are a few ways in which you can limit the view of data. Building a filtering module like you suggest would work, you can setup your line items with the conditions you require then tie your module on the UX page with a filter selector on the page.


    Alternatively, have you looked at the built in Hierarchy filter available on any time dimensioned module placed on a UX app page:



    This allows data to be filtered based on the time aggregation selected.