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I have a module and it is filtered on a rolling 3 week pattern
In the first week i would like to show some most of the columns but then in week 2 and 3 i would like to hide some columns (yellow)
I can use hide selected or show selected, but when the filter rolls to next week the selections will be in the wrong weeks.


Is there a way to maintain the look below without having to hide / show each week?






  • You can create a boolean in a system module with your weeks and filter the view on that boolean.


    edit: you need a module with a line item subset and your weeks (as far as i can guess from your screenshot)

  • I already filter on the weeks in a system module, but that doesn't let me hide or show different line items in a week



    this is what happens when the week rolls if i use hide / show selected




  • I have edited my previous reply....please have a look.
  • Sorry, i am being a bit slow today

    Can you explain clearly, as i can't follow this

    Many thanks

  • You create a line item subset from the module that you have in the screenshot. Use this line item subset in your filter module and use a boolean line item in that filter module to select items of that line item subset and weeks combined (if the first week then show more line items, else show less). Then you filter the module of the screenshot with that boolean (from the filter module).



  • Ok i have that working
    But you have to change those ticks each week, so still a manual process.
    and LISS don't work with text line items, and 4 of mine are text


    Thanks for the idea though


  • Hi @DeveloperCYT 


    I think you can get this done by @StevenBeerthuizen  first idea only because you have text based items to filter, otherwise LISS would be easy solution here. 


    as far the selection is concerned you should not do manual based selection but formula based, comparing between current week and next 2 weeks.



  • Hi,

    Yes that makes sense for the filter
    but as I must have the text line items I cannot use this solution.




  • okay!


    I dont think you can achieve filtering in given scenario. Can you create a Fake time of week(3 weeks) and can you bring your line items by formula. so that your structure is fixed and you can display the current week.





  • Hi,
    How would I formulate the next 2 weeks, as you can't formula by LISS item?



  • @DeveloperCYT 


    Create five more line item,


    LI 1 - Remove time from module calendar, select manually order and stock,

    LI 2 -Remove time from module calendar, select other four line item,

    LI 3 - write a formula to get values for only next week using LI 1(ex: if Next 2 weeks then LI 1 else false)

    LI 4- write a formula to get values for only next week using LI 2(similar to above)

    LI 5 - Availability filter or LI 3 or LI 4 - Summary as formula.




  • LI 5 is your final filter.

  • Hi @DeveloperCYT,

    Have you considered spliting it into two grids, and if needed, utilizing synchronized scrolling? Narrow grid on the left with text (maybe new module without time dimension), bigger on the right with numbers (you can hide/remove line items with text completely). You might want to watch this: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Feature-Updates/Synchronize-Scroll/ba-p/137502
    Here is Anapedia page about how to do it: https://help.anaplan.com/2c4d94c7-e56c-429c-b73d-aff0f52a4b99-Synchronize-scrolling-for-grids-on-a-page


  • Thanks, tweaked it slightly but all working now.