Create Saved View for Combination Chart

Options Create Saved View for Combination Chart 

The Product Replenishment User Experience page will include a combination chart of data from the INV01 Inventory Ordering module that displays the weekly data for the months selected with the Planning Period Filter.  

In the INV01 Inventory Ordering module, create a saved view: 

Saved View Name: Chart for UX 

  • Include Beginning Inventory, Ending Inventory, Forecast Demand, and Safety Stock Target line items 

Pivot the module: 

  • Page: SKU
  • Row: Line Items 
  • Column: Time 

Filter the data using the Planning Period Filter Weeks Only line item in the SYS01 Time Settings by Week module. 


I have doubt with wat to do with the one I bold above


Attaching below of the activity , Please check and let me know2022-10-28 (10).png



  • @Yogitha 


    Just follow the instructions, all you have to do is to create a saved view - include all four line items and use a filter (weeks only) which you have already created in SYS01 Time setting by Week module. Just apply that filter in the saved view and save the view.


    Use that saved view to create a combination chart & publish the chart on to the dashboard




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