Historic Volumes data


Hi Can anyone reply to the below I am also facing same issue with time scale the Hint says 


NOTE: The Historic Volumes data includes the ACTUAL sales volume of product SKU from FY19.  

The Supply Chain model's Model Calendar begins in 2020 and does not include any previous years.  

If you run the Import Process as-is, you will get an import error as the timescale doesn't match. 


Can anyone solve this I am not getting the saved view as mentioned in the training


  • Hi @SwapnaB 

    Read this documentation on Time Ranges.

    Time Range is your answer.



  • I have already gone through the content & tried multiple times but unable to get the desired view

  • @SwapnaB 

    Ok Share the desired saved view screenshot and yours saved view screenshot. Let me see once.

    - Shubham

  • Sure I will share it soon as I am already late for the day
  • SwapnaB_0-1667278880759.png


    This is the view from here how to get the below below





  • @SwapnaB 




    In my instructor led classes, for this exercise I recommend manually importing the 3 actions for process 9 again in your supply chain model. See below. You can them clean up process 9 to the new actions.


    Once you do this via model to model imports via the data hub model, you will have the correct data in the supply chain model.




    Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 06.41.32.png

  • Hi @SwapnaB 


    Apply "is non blank" filter over Volume and you'll get the same view, provided all the previous steps were correctly followed.