Header to detail transaction


I need to add an item to a list then jump to a page. Let's think of a header-to-detail transaction. How could this be done in the NEW UX?


  • Hi @Tazio 


    How are you adding the list items?? Are you doing it from NUX app?

    You can't open another page automatically after adding the list item without clicking at least once but you can add the desired page's link to a text or another item on NUX app, so that you click on them once and it takes you to your desired page.

    It can be set up in NUX designer mode > Edit > Overview > Link to a page

    Look at the attached image.




    - Shubham

  • I would like to emulate the same that was in classic dashboard, that is a process like “create item then open a Dashboard “.

    I do know that a text can link to a page if there is also an action it must be executed first then open the link. In other software this is “normal”

  • Hi @Tazio 

    Yeah I got your point but unfortunately we can't add "Open dashboard" action as a button or in a process for NUX pages until now. You'll have to link your page with some NUX object on the page.