[HELP] The most efficient way to create a numbered list and import parameters


Good afternoon,
I have the following question.

From a stagging module I have to create a numbered list. In the stagging module I have several parameters of the target list that should be imported to a system module.

What would be more efficient?

a) A single view that includes code, display name and parent of the target list as well as all the parameters to import. We would use the same view for both the import to the target list and the system module.
b) Two differentiated views: One with code, display name and apdre for the creation of the target list and another view with the code and the parameters to import in the system module.


Thank you so much.




  • @jgutierreznavarro 

    No efficiency gain or loss with your options but from a best practice I would suggest two different views. Anytime you reuse a view you run the risk of needing to change it, then you have to hunt down all the places its being used. So, I would suggest option 2, go with two different views. Glad you're using a system module for the properties! Nice job.

  • Hi @jgutierreznavarro 


    Here is a blog which can help you decide. According to this blog you shouldn't import list attributes in SYS module as it impacts the performance. Those attribute info should be extracted using the formula and it is the fastest approach as per this blog. 


    Point to be noted:- In the blog, they have one primary list and one transactional module which is used to extract the data later. It might not match with your use case but still you should read the blog. That's a very informational blog written by @rob_marshall .