Automatic access authorization


Hi, If selective access is applied to a numbered list, when a end user adds a new item to the list using Create action from a dashboard, is it possible that read or write access is automatically given to the user or all users? Thanks and regards, Maki Yasuda



  • Hi Yasuda-san,
    You can import relevant access right(Write/Read) information to Users setting in your model.
    In order to automate this process, for instance you should create a process action has this import action just after the create action.
    I can introduce you some ways directly. So please call if you need it.  
    Best regards,
    Tatsuo Oba
  • Hi Oba-san,

    Thank you for your answer and sorry for my delayed reply.
    I understand that a process needs to be created for automation.
    If I encounter any problems, let me ask you again.

    Best regards,
    Maki Yasuda
  • Hello! I notice that when I import, I can only append members from a selective-access list, that is, you never replace but just keep adding authorization. Is there anyway to delete an element or at least clear the authorizations before I add an element automatically? 

  • @rolympia - I’ve built a user access import process and I’ve included two steps: the first sets the user to “no access”, thereby clearing all selective access settings (which I think is what you are indicating you want to do), then the second imports the updated access. Just don’t run that process on yourself or you will get kicked out of the model and the process will stop before adding you back (not that I know this from personal experience or anything...).
  • Thanks! This actually works!


    Also, I learned you can load into the <list name> None, to totally take out the any authorizations.