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Hi Members , 


Tried creating the below mentioned requirement with the formula written below , but not getting it correct .



Line Item Format Purpose
Safety Stock Flag CountNumberIdentify number of Stock Exceptions by Country and Product Family
IF 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count =1 THEN [SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product Family,SUM: 'SYS06 Location Details'.Country] ELSE 0
Can you help ? I still have not received a correct answer to it . 


  • @BapinB 

    No need to write IF ELSE statement


    Formula should be like 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count [SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product Family,SUM: 'SYS06 Location Details'.Country]


    Remove Product Family aggregation from the formula and Finally check if the name of the line item is just Country or Country Made In


    Miz Logix

  • Hi Misbah , 


    Getting this error message when applying the formula 


    'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count[SUM: 'SYS06 Location Details'.Country]



  • @BapinB 

    Check the dimensionality of your target module - it should be P1 Product Family and G2 Country

    Check the Dimensionality of Source Module, it should be P3 SKU

    Check the Summary settings of Safety Stock Exception Count, it has to be SUM

    Check the format of SYS06 Location Details. Country, it has to be formatted on G2 Country and the dimension of this module should be P3 SKU.


    If all above are right then the below formula will work.

  • Its formatted to G2 Country but P3SKU is not required in SYS06 . Its in SYS08