Data Load Time Setting help



Having trouble loading in the attached data set. I'm getting a error with my time settings. Please advise. 

The Flat File is attached. 


Thank you 





Time Setting for the mapping 


Blue Print of module 




  • Misbah
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    Share the mapping window also

  • ShubhamCh
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    Hi @neg177 


    The Time custom mapping is correct. Make sure Time is mapped as Column headers in mapping window. If it isn't, map it as column headers. If the error still comes, share the mapping window and details window of error after scrolling to the right.




  • Harsha
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    I have analyzed file which you have attached and below are my findings:

     - you would have selected HEADERS for time dimension for Payment Amount lineitem and Fixed line item or Ask each time import is run option for other three lineitems. 


    This mapping will through error which you are getting because system is expecting time periods in other three lineitems.


    I have loaded this file by spliting into files :

     - I assume Remaining Kapitus RTR, IF_W/O and Write_Off_Date line items doesnot require time dimension.

     so in first file I have kept only Contract ID Remaining Kapitus RTR IF_W/O Write Off Date and loaded to anaplan with below mapping. And I have removed time dimension from these three lineitems.




    Now for the second file, I have removed three columns and kept only time columns and Contract id.

    Loaded with below mapping.



    Fixed line item to Payment Amount and loaded successfully.


    Hope this helps.








  • ShubhamCh
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    Correct. If Time is mapped as Column headers and there are more than one line item in this file layout, it'll consider those line item as Time and will throw the error. I overlooked the number of line items.

    Great observation. Kudos to you!



  • ManjunathKN
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    Hi @neg177 


    Is your saved view clean?(without summaries), where you are importing data. 



  • Hi @neg177 

    I see a floating control bar to copy-paste in your third screenshot. Can you please explain how you got it?



    If someone else knows about it, please reply.

    Thanks in advance!

    - Shubham

  • Hi @GeorgeDuckett 

    Do you know how to get a floating control bar for click and paste function?

    See my previous comment.



  • Thtat's chrome extension for Anaplan. You can search for it. A+ for Anaplan is the name.
    Have a look at this article.

  • Hi @Harsha 

    Thanks for reply. I am already using the fomula editor extension by @GeorgeDuckett . It save a lot of time but it enhances the formula editor only, right.

    Observe the red rectangle in my previous comment's image. There is a floating click and paste bar. I am looking for that.

    - Shubham

  • My extension does only enhance the formula editor. I think A+ did a few other bits and pieces too. I don't aim to replicate that though.
  • Can any one share the link for A+ extension? I want to see what this one does extra than @GeorgeDuckett "s better formula extension.

  • GeorgeDuckett
    edited November 2022
    It's not available in the chrome store anymore (don't know why).