Error with Red Diamond Mark

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Hi, I want to know the error shows Red Diamond mark.

I often see this problem when input text or select List Items.


What does it mean?


  • Misbah
    edited November 2022


    Any screenshot that you have?

  • Dipanshu1
    edited November 2022

    I have faced the same issue. It shows that Break back is not possible for a million of the value. 
    You can try entering 0 first and it will take the  desired input

  • CommunityMember125605
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    Hi, @Misbah .

    I cannot reenact this situation.

    And I couldn't take Screen Shot, but the image was this picture. 






  • rob_marshall
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    Let me ask you a question, were other people entering data at the same intersection (cell) at the same time?  If so, this red diamond appears when data has been entered and another person has entered data at the same cell but the first data entered has not been saved to the change log yet.

  • ShubhamCh
    edited November 2022

    Hi @CommunityMember125605 


    @rob_marshall is correct. The red mark appears when the data has changed but it has not processed completely. I have seen this mark many times. You can replicate it by giving some values in the page and some other values in source of the page.