Large data deletion at once


Hi, If I want to delete large data in a module at once, how should I do? When I selected a lot of cells and then hit the delete key, Operation Unavailable message was shown (as attached the screenshot). In what kind of situation is this message shown? Also, doesn't Anaplan have all data deletion command? Thanks and regards, Maki Yasuda



  • One way to do it would be to change one of the dimensions to an empty subset of the same dimension, then change it back. That will preserve the dimensionality and it won't break any modules that refer to the data, and it will set all the data to zeroes, blanks, false, etc.

    If it's something you want to do regularly you should set up an import action ot import a blank dataset into the module, and select Clear Target on all dimensions. That will also clear out the module.
  • Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your helpful advice.
    However, I'm not sure to understand what the following sentence means. What should I do concretely?
    > One way to do it would be to change one of the dimensions to an empty subset of the same dimension, then change it back.

    As for a blank subset import action, I understand.

    Thanks and reagards,
    Maki Yasuda
  • Concretely, what you should do is this:
    • Pick any list that's part of he dimensionality of your module. Let's assume you choose one called Product
    • Define a subset of that list, called, let's say, Product: None. Don't add any members to the subset
    • In the Applies To for your module, replace Product with Product: None. The cell count of your module should drop to 0
    • Now change the Applies To back to what it was (replacing Product: None with Product). The cell count will return to what it was
    • The blue cells in your module will now be empty
    If you have any line items with different dimensionality, you'll have to change them as well (unless they contain formulae).
  • The other way would be that you go to the line item and in the formula bar give the value as 0, all the values would be converted to 0 and then delete the formula in the line item. These are not recommended ways though just work arounds.





    Leo's response of having line item with format "No Data" and import that to line items we need to clear does the trick.

  • Hi Peter and Harish,

    Thank both of you for your great advice. 
    One-by-one directions are very fine and helpful for me!
    I tried that and could confirm that all data in module went down to zero in the both patterns.
    Thank you for kindly support!

    Maki Yasuda