Is there anyway to omit weekly summary when export or hide weekly summary

Hello, Is there anyway to hide the weekly summary level when export. when i check omit summary it also omit monthly levels 
Select levels to sow is also disabled 



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  • Hi @HarishBabu 


    Let me know if below solution works,

    Create a filter in system module to exclude weeks and include days and months and apply it across in your target module to export.





    Ratio summary is Months/Constant for weeks and Weeks/constant for Days.


  • Hi @HarishBabu ,


    While @ManjunathKN  solution will work there is simpler way to create needed filter when working with time dimensions. Please see screenshots and explanations below. 


    With three line items where two are help line items and third one is final filter to use for time dimension. For helper line items formula is TRUE and for first one time is set to days and for second one to months and Summary is set to None. Last one formula is two helper lines combined with OR and summary set to true. 


    This will result in a boolean which is true for days and months but not for weeks. You can use this boolean to filter your view. 



    Best regards,

    Pyry Peura