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I currently have a Process that uses the same flat file to load data into my List and than my Module. I do not know if I need to upload the same file twice for both the List & Module like in the pic below? please advise. 




  • jagadishdash
    edited November 2022


    In this case. As per you created the action according to your requirement, you need to upload twice for list and module as shown in pic.


    If your requirement can meet:-- importing file into list and for module import, you  are importing from list(connect to anaplan) and put into process.




    Jagadish Dash

  • If I need the List to be updated First from my Flat File, than I do not believe I can import the data from the module first like you were saying in your second option can I? Because this process is running fine in Anaplan, but having an issue with the process when it runs through OneCloud.